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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has been at the forefront of digital transformation, empowering businesses with powerful tools to streamline operations and drive growth. In April 2024, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central unveiled its highly anticipated Wave 1 Release for the year. This latest update brings a plethora of new features and enhancements aimed at revolutionizing business processes and driving productivity for small and mid-sized organizations. Scheduled for gradual implementation between April and September 2024, the Wave 1 Release promises to deliver innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of businesses worldwide and to innovate its current feature set to cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Development Enhancements

In the 2024 Release Wave 1, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central introduces several exciting features in development to enhance efficiency and flexibility for developers. One notable addition is the in-client page scripting tool, which enables developers to streamline acceptance testing, ensuring smoother implementation and quicker validation of customizations. This tool allows developers to execute tests directly within the application interface, eliminating the need for external testing environments and simplifying the testing process.

Furthermore, handling multiple file uploads and file drop zones becomes effortless with the new enhancements. This feature facilitates smoother data management processes, allowing users to upload and manage multiple files simultaneously without the need for complex workarounds or manual interventions.

Moreover, debugging the System application is now more accessible, thanks to the improvements introduced in the Wave 1 Release. Developers can quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring the stability and reliability of the system. Additionally, defining extension objects in the same app as their base object simplifies development workflows, promoting better organization and maintainability of customizations. 

Copilot and AI Innovation

Microsoft continues to focus on advancing artificial intelligence and enhancing the features of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. One of the most significant innovations is the seamless integration of Copilot into the application interface, allowing users to engage in chat conversations with Copilot directly. This feature enables users to leverage Copilot’s AI capabilities to seek assistance and guidance, making it easier to perform tasks and navigate the system effectively.

Furthermore, with Copilot-generated analysis tabs, users can swiftly access insights, enabling informed decision-making and improving business outcomes. These analysis tabs provide users with valuable insights and recommendations based on data analysis, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and drive business growth.

Moreover, developers can extend Copilot functionality using richer development tools, customizing its capabilities to suit specific business requirements. This flexibility allows organizations to tailor Copilot to their unique needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. 

Microsoft Copilot: A Game-Changer for Business Central

Microsoft Copilot represents a significant leap forward in the Dynamics 365 Business Central ecosystem, bringing the power of natural language processing and AI-driven insights directly to users. With Copilot, users can now interact with Business Central in a more intuitive and conversational manner, making it easier than ever to query data, gain insights, and perform tasks within the system.

Imagine being able to ask your system questions like, “What’s the latest on the sales quote with Datum Company?” and receiving immediate, actionable insights. Copilot can provide real-time information, allowing users to drill down into specific records and gain deeper insights without navigating through multiple screens or reports.

Furthermore, Copilot offers guidance on performing various tasks within Business Central. For example, if you’re unsure about how to execute a drop shipment, simply ask Copilot, and it will provide step-by-step instructions to help you complete the process efficiently.

Our consultants and customers are buzzing with excitement about these new Copilot capabilities. The integration of natural language querying and task guidance within Business Central streamlines workflows, enhances user experience, and drives productivity across the organization.

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Enhanced Analyze Capability with Copilot

In addition to the natural language interface, Copilot brings significant enhancements to the existing analyze capabilities in Business Central. Users can now view and interact with pivot charts and pivot tables directly within the system, eliminating the need to export data to external tools like Excel.

This seamless integration allows users to perform advanced data analysis effortlessly. For instance, you can request to see your sales invoice lines sorted by salesperson and region, and Copilot will generate a pivot table reflecting this information. This interoperable integration of Copilot with Business Central offers unprecedented analytical capabilities, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

The enhanced analyze capability with Copilot not only simplifies data analysis but also empowers users to uncover valuable insights and trends, driving strategic decision-making and business growth.

Application Enhancements

Several features have been updated to improve project management and automate daily work routines in the Wave 1 Release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. For instance, users now benefit from standardized terminology for project management, promoting consistency and clarity across the application. This standardization simplifies project management processes and enhances collaboration among team members.

Additionally, the ability to archive projects streamlines project management processes, allowing users to maintain organized project records efficiently. This feature helps organizations effectively manage project data and ensures easy access to historical project information when needed.

Moreover, with the possibility of exporting and importing multiline text using Configuration Packages, users can seamlessly transfer data, simplifying data migration tasks. This capability enhances data management efficiency and reduces the time and effort required for data migration processes.

Furthermore, users experience increased productivity when entering and approving time sheets, streamlining time tracking processes and improving workflow efficiency. These enhancements contribute to improved productivity and streamline business operations, enabling organizations to achieve better outcomes.

B2B Commerce Integration with Shopify

Another groundbreaking feature introduced in the Wave 1 Release is the integration of B2B Commerce through Shopify directly into Business Central. This integration offers businesses a seamless solution for managing B2B transactions, from invoice creation to payment processing.

With this integration, invoices generated for B2B customers in Business Central can be automatically synced with Shopify, providing customers with a clear view of their outstanding balances. Customers can then make payments through the Shopify platform, streamlining the payment process and improving cash flow management for businesses.

Furthermore, the integration enables businesses to offer a more personalized and efficient B2B commerce experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The ability to manage B2B transactions within the familiar Business Central environment simplifies operations and reduces the need for manual data entry, saving time and reducing errors.

User Experience Enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central introduces new features aimed at enhancing usability and collaboration in the Wave 1 Release. For example, users can now conveniently attach multiple files using a drag-and-drop feature, streamlining document management processes, and improving productivity. This feature simplifies the process of attaching files to records, making it easier for users to manage documents within the application.

Moreover, navigating to pages containing fields that trigger platform errors is simplified, allowing users to swiftly locate and address issues. This enhancement reduces the time and effort required to resolve errors, minimizing disruptions to workflow, and ensuring smooth operation of the system.

Additionally, users can now share error details with colleagues to seek assistance more effectively, fostering collaboration and expediting problem resolution. This feature promotes teamwork and knowledge sharing, enabling users to work together to overcome challenges and achieve common goals.

Reporting and Data Analysis

In the domain of reporting and data analysis, Microsoft added a new feature that allows end users to discover report and data analysis content easily. This feature minimizes the effort it takes to find report and data analysis content, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Users can now access queries, reports, and Power BI pages effortlessly, enhancing their ability to analyze data and derive valuable insights.

Governance and Administration

Additional enhancements have been added to streamline management and enhance control over the platform environment in the Wave 1 Release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Administrators gain the ability to efficiently view and filter users, accessing additional user details to effectively manage user roles and permissions. This enhancement improves user management efficiency and ensures better control over user access to the system.

Furthermore, Business Central seamlessly integrates with Power Platform environments, enabling administrators to effortlessly link environments and facilitate data flow and collaboration across platforms. The integration with Dataverse empowers organizations to leverage linked environments for Dataverse integration, enhancing data connectivity and enabling robust data management capabilities.

Adapt Faster with Power Platform:

Adjustments have been made to the integration of the Power Platform, empowering users to adapt swiftly to changing business needs. For instance, users have the capability to add table and field mappings to existing integration tables, simplifying data mapping tasks and expediting integration setup. Additionally, users can seamlessly find matching records in Power Automate flows, enabling streamlined automation processes and improving workflow efficiency. Furthermore, Business Central leverages synthetic relationships to expose more data in Dataverse, enhancing data connectivity and enabling users to use virtual tables when synchronizing data between Business Central, Dataverse, and other Dynamics 365 apps.

Key Takeaways from the Wave 1 Release

The Wave 1 Release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central introduces a host of innovative features and enhancements designed to help businesses adapt, work more efficiently, and move faster in today’s competitive landscape.

From the game-changing capabilities of Microsoft Copilot, which revolutionizes how users interact with and analyze data in Business Central, to the seamless integration of B2B Commerce with Shopify, which streamlines B2B transactions and enhances customer experience, this release offers something for every organization.

Whether you’re an executive looking to gain actionable insights from your data, an operational manager striving to streamline workflows and improve efficiency, or an IT professional focused on enhancing system capabilities and security, the Wave 1 Release has something to offer.


The Wave 1 Release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. By introducing powerful features like Microsoft Copilot and enhancing existing capabilities, Microsoft continues to empower businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a digital-first world.

As organizations continue to navigate the challenges of remote work, supply chain disruptions, and increasing regulatory compliance, the enhancements introduced in this release will play a crucial role in driving operational excellence, fostering innovation, and achieving sustainable growth.

We encourage you to explore the new features and capabilities of the Wave 1 Release and discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help your organization adapt, evolve, and succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

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Why Business Central?

Today, Business Central stands out for its adaptability and robust functionality, empowering countless organizations to automate and streamline diverse business processes. From finance and manufacturing to sales, shipping, project management, and services. Business Central provides that unified platform, transcending traditional business processes. This versatility extends much further, allowing companies to easily incorporate region-specific functionality and customize solutions to support highly specialized industries.

One of the key strengths of Business Central lies in its agility and ease of implementation. With fast deployment times and straightforward configuration options, businesses can quickly adapt the platform to their unique needs without extensive downtime or disruption. Furthermore, simplicity guides every aspect of Business Central, from product design and development to implementation and usability, ensuring a user-friendly experience at every stage.

As part of the Microsoft suite, Business Central seamlessly integrates with the Office 365 suite of applications, as well as Power BI – facilitating cohesive workflows and data analysis across any organization. This seamlessly enhances collaboration amongst a team and empowers users with insights derived from a comprehensive data analysis. In essence, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central emerges as a powerful and versatile solution, designed to drive operational excellence and fuel growth for small and mid-sized businesses by seamlessly integrating into all business applications.

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