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Discover the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the ultimate cloud-based ERP solution.

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  • 172% ROI with Business Central over 3 years
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  • Up to 18% productivity improvement for finance & operations staff.
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Why Business Central

Can an omni-channel ERP fit my business?

Simplify your business operations with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, the perfect ERP solution for your company. Volt Technologies is here to support your growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers tailored solutions for different industries to tackle challenges in today's competitive business world. By helping with decision-making and giving a clear view of the whole business, it helps companies stay flexible and in control.

At the same time, every industry faces more and more challenges in managing their supply chains, needing to focus on efficiency and cost control.

As your business grows, you'll need to upgrade from basic tools like QuickBooks or Excel to an actual ERP system.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central's solutions help companies tackle these challenges by improving decision-making and giving a clear picture of what's happening across the business. This helps companies stay agile and manage their supply chains better.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Can Help Your Business

Looking for the perfect ERP software to manage your business's supply chain? Business Central has you covered. See why top companies across various industries choose our software to streamline their daily operations. Connect with us online today to request a demo or learn more about the best ERP solution available.

Collaborate with a committed partner who truly comprehends your requirements.

Similar to buying a casual outfit off the rack, which might not hold up for special events requiring durability and style over time, sometimes you need a custom solution. When you want a timeless garment that lasts for years, you turn to a skilled tailor who knows the perfect fabric, precise tailoring, and special touches that enhance your beauty and boost your confidence for any occasion.


Unifying data across multiple systems to establish a single source of truth, enabling better decision-making and enhancing customer experiences.


Strengthening the resilience of your supply chain, ensuring uninterrupted operations and faster responses to market demands.


Safeguarding your business against cyber threats by leveraging Microsoft's cutting-edge technology and advanced security measures.

Resilient Digital
Commerce Solutions

The current shift towards digital commerce presents significant challenges for companies that are unprepared to manage it effectively. To build a resilient digital commerce solution, it is essential to focus on customer experience (CX), security, and supply chain agility. By addressing these areas, businesses can expect to achieve greater success in the digital commerce landscape. Here are key recommendations to bolster your organization's digital commerce capabilities:

  • Focus on customer experience: Understand and adapt to changing customer behavior, empowering them with choices, rich experiences, and convenience.
  • Prioritize security and privacy: commit to information confidentiality, data privacy, and protection against internal and external threats.
  • Optimize supply chain resilience: Diversify partners, gain visibility into the supply chain, and enhance fulfillment efficiency.
  • Secure funding and strategic partnerships: allocate budget to support digital commerce capabilities and establish partnerships for expertise and support.
  • Address government relations: consider lobbying efforts to advocate for issues beneficial to your business.

Implementing these recommendations will enhance digital commerce capabilities, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive success in the apparel and manufacturing industry.

Unlock the benefits of Dynamics 365 and
experience a better way of doing business.

Seamless Growth

Volt's journey is deeply intertwined with the apparel industry. As our customers expanded their brands, we grew alongside them, establishing ourselves as the leading Microsoft Apparel Partner. In the apparel industry, delivering a seamless "buy anywhere, get anywhere" shopping experience is crucial. Dynamics 365 unifies commerce on a single ERP + CRM platform, encompassing apparel headquarters, point of sale (POS), store operations, eCommerce, catalog, merchandising, call center, promotions, and embedded analytics. Combined with Volt's tailored apparel solutions, bid farewell to the challenges of omnichannel apparel.

Actionable Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition and optimize your business operations. We specialize in providing tailored solutions that enable you to unlock the power of seamless integration across your sales channels, inventory management, and customer data. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central at the core, we empower you to leverage your software stack for better data insights and actionable intelligence.

Centralized Data

Our expertise in consumer products and deep understanding of the apparel industry, combined with the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, allow us to seamlessly connect and synchronize your various systems. By centralizing your sales data, inventory information, and customer insights, you gain a comprehensive view of your business operations. This holistic approach enables you to deliver a cohesive and personalized omnichannel experience for your customers, fostering loyalty and driving revenue growth.

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