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Partnering strategically to put their business needs first

Spiritus Systems, a leading military equipment manufacturer based in Aberdeen, NC, found itself facing significant challenges with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation. Initially partnering with another service provider, Spiritus Systems encountered critical roadblocks that halted progress and left them unable to go live with Dynamics 365. The need for a robust solution led them to Volt Technologies, an industry leader in Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations. This case study details the journey of Spiritus Systems and Volt Technologies from troubled beginnings to a triumphant go-live, showcasing the power of partnership, expertise, and advanced technology in overcoming business challenges.

Spiritus Systems required a comprehensive ERP solution that could integrate multiple facets of their business including Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Warehousing, Service, and Manufacturing. The challenges they faced with their initial partner included lots of missed deadlines, unsatisfactory deliverables, and a lack of understanding of Spiritus Systems’ complex needs, especially in military equipment manufacturing which demands stringent compliance and precise inventory management.

Volt Technologies stepped in with a commitment to not only rectify their previous partner’s issues but to ensure Spiritus Systems could leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central to its full potential. The implementation was strategized with a clear focus on the Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Warehousing, Service and Manufacturing modules of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The implementation phase was marked by a highly collaborative approach. Volt Technologies worked closely with Spiritus Systems to understand their unique operational challenges and tailored the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform accordingly. The Spiritus Systems team had this to say “Volt was introduced to our organization during a very difficult time. The Volt team came in and delivered where others had failed. We would not be live without the efforts of the Volt team.”

Since going live, Spiritus Systems has experienced transformative benefits:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Automation of previously manual processes has reduced several areas of operational time.

Improved Data Visibility and Decision Making: Real-time data access across departments has enhanced forecasting accuracy and strategic decision making.

Increased Compliance and Security: Robust compliance tools have streamlined processes, reducing risk and enhancing security protocols necessary for military-grade manufacturing.

Scalability for Growth: The flexible architecture of Dynamics 365 Business Central allows Spiritus Systems to scale operations seamlessly to meet evolving business needs.

The successful implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central at Spiritus Systems by Volt Technologies stands as a testament to Volt’s expertise and commitment to delivering tailored solutions that not only solve complex challenges but also drive business growth and efficiency. Spiritus Systems now enjoys a robust, integrated ERP system that supports their ambitious growth plans and strategic initiatives.

By addressing specific pain points and leveraging the full capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Volt Technologies has not only restored confidence in ERP solutions for Spiritus Systems but also set new benchmarks for similar implementations in the industry.

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